[plug] Bloody Telstra

Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Wed Nov 16 10:25:59 WST 2005

Craig Foster wrote:
> Alex Polglaze wrote:
>> Kai wrote:
>>> Don't ya just HATE that...anticompetitive pricks, and the government's
>>> letting them do it.
>>> I currently have my mobile with Optarse, local calls with Telslut,
>>> ADSL with WestNet and land to mobile, STD and ISD calls with
>>> WestNet...once WestNet provides a full phone service I'll prolly
>>> change to that but it doesn't change the fact that Telslut's still
>>> getting paid somewhere along the line.
>>> Yes, the mobile phone coverage with Optarse sucks up here but I'd
>>> rather pay Optarse every month than give more money to Telstra. Might
>>> give Vodafone a go when my contract with Optarse runs out.
>> This makes real good economic sense, given the fact the OPTUS is owned
>> by the Singapore Government.
>> Telstra's problem is the government and its social charter, but don't
>> worry. Soon, we won't have an Australian Telco and all our services,
>> which may be cheaper in the short term, will be owned by overseas
>> companies. However, in the long term, the cost will be many times greater.
>> I am not a fan of Telstra by the way.
>> Alex
> 6 of one, half a dozen of the other - I don't like Telslut, Optarse is
> owned by Singapore Government and Vodafone's prolly not Australian
> either...guess it depends in what way you want to be screwed.
> At least WestNet is Western Australian born and bred !
> _______________________________________________
> Actually WestNet relies on Telstra for ADSL connections, so your monthly fees mostly go to Telstra Wholesale. AFAIK, iiNet and Amnet are the only non-telco WA ISP's to provide their own service including ULL. Only Amnet has it's own fibre between exchanges though... That said, Amnet is a public company so it's ownership may or may not be overseas at any point in time :)
> Personally, I think Telstra is and was Australia's biggest shame and biggest opportunity
> CraigF

Yeah I know they use Telslut for ADSL and AAPT for voice services, my 
point is they're a private company, born in Geraldton and, afaik, no-one 
outside the state has any investment, it's all owned by Mitchell and 
Brown in Geraldton and run by the crew from Geraldton who are based in 

I'm happy to be corrected.

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