[plug] Bloody Telstra

Shannon Carver Shannon.Carver at P-S-T.COM.AU
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Many share your sentiments guys....


That's in response to telstra's move to install fibre to the node, and
not let other carriers use the new network.

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W.Kenworthy wrote:
> Cable penetration in Perth is quite low. Even Shepperton Road which is
> near inner city lost its cable some time back when power went
> underground.  So we need satellite for foxtel.  Cable looks like its
> inner Melbourne/Sydney and few other select areas only.
> I think the near future might be WiFi meshes if roaming/coverage can
> sorted out.  Perhaps the Perth FreeNet might form the core of
> like this ...

Telstra was doing some major work on our aging copper a couple of months
ago. I actually 
thought that they were finally putting in fibre optic, so I asked the

Their response almost floored me.

He said that we would never get fibre optic here as Telstra had
basically stopped rolling 
it out and everything would be going wireless.

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