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Bennett, Phillip Phillip.Bennett at bestroads.com.au
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Having no idea about normalize, I think this would be a good time to
search the archives for the recent thread entitled "Perl Script ?"  I
believe this was a script to find a load of particular files and delete
them, but I'm sure you could adapt it to run a different (normalize)
command on them instead.


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Hi all

I need a little help with normalize.  Please bear in mind that I'm not a

command line junkie, not technical, non-geek.

I have quite a large collection of .MP3s, gathered from all sorts of 
sources, and I want to run normalize against all of them so that I can 
make MP3 disks (for my car) which have some sort of volume level 
normality.  I have my collection all catalogued in directories and 
sub-dirs etc.

The problem:  Normalize has no switch to recurse dirs and sub-dirs, 
presenting 2 main problems for me.

1. It's becoming a long tedious job working my way through all my music.
2. Each "album" of songs is normalized within itself, but not to all the
    other albums I have, hence MP3 disks will still have songs of
    differing volumes, defeating the whole purpose of this exercise.

Can someone please help me with a command/batch file/script which will 
allow me recurse through all of the dirs below a certain dir so that 
normalize can normalize ALL of my collection to the 1 single norm?

Kev Downes
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