[plug] [OT] Sony malware on Windows

Mr Shayne shayne at guild.murdoch.edu.au
Fri Nov 18 11:55:07 WST 2005

Mine gott. That things horrifying. Did you see the bit about the 
uninstaller activeX? Madness writ large.

Can't remember where I read it, but aparently microsoft is now listing the 
rootkit as malware in its antispyware offering (incidently , if you are 
maintaining winblows systems, the microsoft spyware thing is actually 
really good Ive found, and doesnt have all the 
uh-oh-cookies-sky-is-falling! scare crap that the others have).

Freedom's just another word for something new to regulate

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, Kai Jones wrote:

> Chris Caston wrote:
>> On Fri, 2005-11-18 at 10:40, Kai Jones wrote:
>>> Chris Caston wrote:
>>>> On Fri, 2005-11-18 at 10:24, Kai Jones wrote:
>>>>> Sorta the same info written in a different way at this URL:
>>>>> http://www.slyck.com/news.php?story=997
>>>> There's also something about LGPL violations and the inclusion of VLCs
>>>> libdvdcss or something similar.
>>>> regards,
>>>> Chris
>>> This ?
>>> http://hack.fi/~muzzy/sony-drm/
>> Yes:
>> "ECDPlayerControl.ocx
>> Infringes copyrights on LGPL and GPL code, does things illegal under
>> DMCA and EUCD
>> The party just keeps on going. In addition to above mentioned LAME code
>> found here, it appears there's GPL code as well. I'm not a lawyer, but
>> this could be a DMCA/EUCD violation too? The code in question is VLC's
>> demux/mp4/drms.c -- the de-DRMS code which circumvents Apple's DRM. The
>> control flow is the same, the constants are equal, the two magic arrays
>> are equivalent as well. This includes the p_secret2 string which is
>> rot13'd Apply copyright string (used as data).
>> "
> Yep, I'm no programmer but that page is a good read.
> Now all this is public Sony could be in for a lot more than what they 
> bargained for...
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