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Chris Griffin griffinster at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 14:10:18 WST 2005

On 11/18/05, Alex Polglaze <apolglaze at book-keepingnetwork.com.au> wrote:
> Chris Caston wrote:
> > Off-topic seems to be used more for casual chitchat and "rather than
> > lets get things organised and start becoming wealthy (or at least better
> > off) productive people" and some of the things I asked people for advice
> > on (ie getting started in commercial property) I didn't get any real
> > responses on.
> >
> > If I post here I get responses but then get in trouble for being OT.
> > Maybe I should post to OT then if I didn't get enough responses post a
> > link on the main list to the web archive of the OT post and ask people
> > to respond in OT.
> I don't read the OT list, I haven't got time, but I like the regular list. Sometimes the
> topics don't interest me and I can skip over them. Other times I read and get involved.
>  From my point of view, the list is made up of technical people, but all of us have a life
> outside "techieville". Sometimes, the things that interest us, interest others as well.
> No Man Is an Island.
> Keep the OT subject header, it works.
> Alex
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I agree and I am even trying to remember not to top post.

Chris G

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