[plug] Hedzup for LCA2008 or LCA2009

Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Tue Nov 22 16:22:54 WST 2005

skribe wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Nov 2005 15:45, Alex Polglaze wrote:
>> I haven't seen a valid reason here for not considering Broome even in
>> Cyclone season. 
> I can think of four:
> Low number of linux using locals - the linux counter has 0 listed.
> High cost of travel to the event.
> High cost of accommodation.
> Linux geeks in speedos.
> Apart from beautiful scenery are there any reasons for holding the event in 
> Broome?
> skribe

Linux counter has 0 listed but I know there's interest from our local IT 
group because we're discussing it every other week at our meetings 
(read: go to a cafe' or one of the members houses for coffee, cake and 
chat) and often trying different distro's when we go to one of the 
members houses for our "meetings", the head IT lecturer at TAFE is 
interested and the other lecturers at TAFE (who are mostly Windows 
admins from the High School) who have been watching my student playing 
with his FC4 server and they're surprised at how easy and cheap it is to 
do stuff on Linux...last week I gave away copies of Xandros and Ubuntu 
to a few interested people and the feedback has been positive, like "I 
didn't know you could do THAT with Linux !"

High costs, yeah I can agree with that....but hey, if we can get an idea 
of numbers I could ask around and see what discounts we might be able to 
get ?

Notre Dame campus does have a higher female:male ratio than normal, the 
females are quite attractive and they hold some pretty good parties 
there too ! :)

Linux geeks in spedo's ? meh....this is not at all intended as a sexist 
comment but there are MUCH nicer things to look at:


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