[plug] Hedzup for LCA2008 or LCA2009

simon simon at chrome64.org
Fri Nov 25 11:21:59 WST 2005

Leon Brooks (leon at cyberknights.com.au) wrote:

> OTTOMH, LCA2003 aimed for ~500 and got ~600 even after turning away lots
> of people. LCA2004 and LCA2005 were even larger. Not sure whether
> locational prejudice would cut back on the numbers much, but there are
> a *lot* more Linux people around now than ~3 years ago, and will be
> more in two years when this hits the road, _if_ we get the next
> available slot (Jan 2008).

Its almost to the point where you'd have to forget novel destinations......
Convention Centre, and a special deal with one or more of the local hotels
might be the go.

Simon Scott
simon at chrome64.org
mob: 0409113359

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