[plug] Re: ubuntu installation fails

luca at trifelli.id.au luca at trifelli.id.au
Fri Nov 25 15:12:38 WST 2005

Quoting: <tomasz_g at arach.net.au>

>I doubt it; I've run it on worse than that. I did notice on a really bad
>motherboard I have at home (SiS) that it took *ages* to get past that point. I
>left it overnight, when I came back it was done...

>I'd try flipping consoles and run top or something to see what its doing. As
>long as the system isn't hard locked, its probably still working..

Thanks, all for your suggestions.

I've finally managed to install Ubuntu and the problem was the PCI graphic card (Legend 3dv+, S3 Virge/DX chipset)
It installed properly after replacing with a different card

Regards, Luca

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