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Chris Caston caston at arach.net.au
Sat Nov 26 13:05:54 WST 2005

On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 17:58, Jonathan Young wrote:
> I'll make this the last reply I make because we are miles off topic with
> no hope of making a Linux connection with this discussion...
> However...
> On 11/24/2005, "Adam Hewitt" <adam.h at staff.iinet.net.au> wrote:
> >> Sure.  Plus extended lunch breaks and smokos, right?
> >> 
> >> Sometimes I suggest that staff bring in their mates or significant other
> >> as well so that they can feel as little like they are actually working
> >> as possible!
> >> 
> >> /sarc
> >> 
> >> I'm just kidding by the way... I'm not telling people what to do.
> >> 
> >> Phil put out a poll of sorts, so I was just answering and my work ethic
> >> tends to be, if it's not work related... it gets done somewhere else!
> >
> >
> >And it sounds like the moral of your office would be great!! Do you ban
> >music as well? How about regular computer breaks to prevent RSI, or is
> >that considered a misuse of company time?
> The 'morale' is just fine with this approach in place.
> Music is always playing.  That creates a mood and doesn't require any
> input from people while they are working to make it continue to play.
> Unlike ICQ which will pop up and re-rail your train of thought.
> Breaks happen automatically.  We are an onsite service and are not in
> front of our computers 9 to 5.  Plus people do take breaks for food,
> drinks and to answer the phone so there is no RSI issue that I'm aware
> of.

The biggest issue I find is that many workstations are setup very poorly
from an OH&S stand point. I will often rearrange a workstation before I
sit down.

Those cheap computer desks that don't have enough room to put the mouse
next to a keyboard are a major problem. I will use the keyboard only and
instruct the customer on why their PC desktop is a real problem for OH&S
issues such as occupational overuse syndrome.

Non-height adjustable chairs are also very bad.



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