[plug] reccomend a PCI video card thats suitable for mythtv

Dean Holland speedster at westnet.com.au
Tue Sep 13 10:28:57 WST 2005

If possible get a nVidia FX5200 - although the drivers claim to support 
the hardware MPEG2 acceleration on GeForce4 and upwards it appears the 
FX5200 is the only one with which the nVidia drivers use it correctly 
(the option in MythTV is called XvMC). It's also fanless if noise is a 
concern for you.

I tried HDTV under FC4 with MythTV on my GeForce 6200 and whilst SD 
channels were perfect HD channels had very jerky playback and bad image 
tearing. MythTV wouldn't start TV with XvMC enabled on that card so I 
was convinced it was the stream decoding and not the hardware, something 
that seems to hold true as all channels playback fine under MCE :(

I was using the MCE remote with MythTV, I got the lircrc file from 


W.Kenworthy wrote:
> Can someone reccomend a PCI video card thats suitable for mythtv (i.e.,
> reasonable tvout)  I am leaning towards nvidia, but I dont know if tvout
> works under linux (perhaps a GeForce 6200?). Is there something better
> (reasonably priced tho).
> Also, what do people use for a remote control?
> BillK
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