[plug] More Wireless Woes

Timothy White weirdit at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 06:00:52 WST 2007

Ok, so using network manager under Ubuntu, I was finally able to
connect to one of the WEP networks I work in, but strangly, after
recieving maybe 40-70 packets, I stop recieving more. I had noticed in
Kismet that the Beacon rate was really high, so I don't know if that
has anything to do with it. Under windows, it all works fine. I'm
currently using the bcm43xx driver, so I'm going to try ndiswrapper
and see if that makes a difference. It's just really odd, sometimes
after recieving 1 packet under Linux, it stops working, sometimes it's
after 70, but it just stops dead. :(

Any Ideas??


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