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I'd imagine it would be the same down there, I know a lot of the "IT minded" guys down there (Assuming its the Ravensthorpe Nickel project, anyway) - and it's pretty much the same situation.
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  On 12/04/07, Mary Wright <mary.wright2 at gmail.com> wrote:
    Well Hi

      I just moved over to Esperance  from Sydney ... my partner is in
    the mining boom and all that kinda stuff

      I am into the  linux and I was wondering if anyone had any leads on
    PPL / groups down this way .That being somewhere Near Esperance I guess 

      I mainly use Ubuntu as easy laptop installs and Gentoo pritty much
    for everything else .I built a decent MythTv Box3n which seems to be
    way over kill with the 3 digital channels here the Mythtv Box  has 4
    DVB cards

    if anyone wants to chat or has any leads on a group down here I would
    appreciate  any replies

    Reagrds DrU

  I used to live in Kalgoolrie, there are quite a few linux users there but they're not really community minded so no UG that I'm aware of. 

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