[plug] Release Party this Sunday

Adrian Woodley Adrian at ScreamingRoot.org
Thu Apr 19 15:36:47 WST 2007

G'day Pluggers,

Recently there's been a spate of releases by major projects; Debian
Etch, Ubuntu Feisty (sometime today or tomorrow), Thunderbird 2.0.

It used to be that plug would use any old excuse like this for a chance
to hit the turps. However, lately we've been a little lax.

To rectify this I propose hitting the pub sunday afternoon to celebrate
the updates to all these fine FOSS projects.

Where:	The Captain Stirling, 80 Stirling Highway, Nedlands
When:	Sunday the 22nd, around 7:00pm
Why:	Beer! I mean, to recognise the excellent work done by FOSS

I believe meals are available and couches are plentiful.

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