[plug] GPS and maps

Michael Holland myk at myk.id.au
Fri Apr 20 14:08:01 WST 2007

On Fri, 20 Apr 2007, Gavin Chester wrote:

> Hey, I know this is way OT and not the sort of geek answer you wanted,
> but ever thought of getting good topographical maps, to supplement the
> Bib. Track guide, and a compass?? ;-).  Maybe you can exercise the geek
> in you by getting an electronic compass ;-)

I reckon GPSs should have a small compass built in to the back, by law.
To avoid deaths and expensive searches for geeks with flat batteries.

As for the bibbulmun, the standard track maps and book have topology
lines. Usually good enough to figure out where you are when you loose the
track, so you can cut directly to the track, rather than retracing steps.

A GPS would be great for off-the-track side trips, to find your way back
to the start point. But its a bit sad if you want a GPS just to follow the

  To get back OnT, has anybody used one of those cheap bluetooth-only GPS
units? Any experience with Linux (or java) software that uses them?


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