[plug] Linux 'tips'

Lance Duivenbode plug at duivenbode.id.au
Mon Apr 23 13:29:30 WST 2007

Just a few 'tips' from a long-time Linux user who should have known better....

#1 - Partition Structure
Always know what the partition structure is on the machine you are *currently* 
working on. Just because your work machine uses /dev/hda for its partitions 
and /dev/sda for your thumbdrive, it does not mean that it is the same on all 
machines. On the rare occasion you are actually at home, it could be that 
your machine uses /dev/sda for it's partitions and /dev/sdb for your 

#2 - Partition ID's
Just because a partition is marked as HPFS/NTFS in the partition table, it 
does not mean that mke2fs will respect that. Which leads me to tip #3....

#3 - mke2fs
mke2fs is extremely quick and unforgiving. Before you can say - wait that's my 
Windows partition - it's all over :(

#4 - Backups
Always keep backups - even of your window's system!

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