[plug] Backup of Cyrus Imap Mail

Shannon Carver shannon.carver at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 10:17:39 WST 2007

Hi guys,

I'm about to go abroad for a couple of years, and take my home mail server
off line.  I've got approximately 3GB of personal mail stored in
.maildir/<mailbox>/cur/* format (in plain text).  If I was to take a
backup of this, can this be copied directly into a similar IMAP server
that uses .maildir format?

The huge bulk of the mail isn't important at all, but, like a library, I'd
rather keep it and realise I need something later than lose it altogether.

Anyone had any experience with this in the past?

It's a Cyrus IMAP server, using postfix for the MTA, but I've played with
similar setups in the past using dovecot and other imapd's and the layout
of the maildir seems to be the same.


Shannon Carver

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