[plug] Unable to view movie DVD with Linux

Michael Holland myk at myk.id.au
Sun Apr 29 14:19:14 WST 2007

On Sun, 29 Apr 2007, Bret Busby wrote:

> this month), and I have tried totem, ogle (ogle-mmx),  vlc, and am
> unable to read the files on the DVD (I can't view the movie, which is
> about 15 minutes long, from memory).

You could try some other DVDs to see if its specific to this disk.

> "/usr/bin/ogle
> libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable.

Well, you should fix that, but it doesnt appear immediately relevant.
Download a version of a dvd player with de-css.

> WARNING[ogle_mpeg_vs]: B-frame before forward ref frame
> WARNING[ogle_mpeg_vs]: B-frame before forward ref frame
> FATAL[ogle_vout]: Cannot open display

That last one would be a killer, no? Is X working? Maybe it needs
XVideo extension and its missing. is it a really old video card?
Try the 'xvinfo' command to test.

> The audio_ts directory shows as being empty.

Thats normal.

> Can anyone tell me why we cannot view the movie, using Linux, and what
> we need to do, to be able to view the movie using Linux?

You could test other DVDs and try a different program. I suggest mplayer.
What errors from VLC?

>  and we are free to copy it.

We don't care :-) Playing any DVDs on Linux is technically illegal anyway.

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