[plug] Re: [plug-announce] *** August PLUG Seminar: Xen and Virtualisation ***

Michael Hunt michael at aussie.oddsocks.net
Sat Aug 4 07:10:29 WST 2007

Cameron Patrick wrote:
> G'day all,
> PLUG seminars are back again after a brief hiatus.  This time we've got
> Adrian Chadd talking about virtualisation technologies.
>   Title: Xen and Virtualisation
>   Presenter: Adrian Chadd
>   Date: Tuesday 14 August 2007, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
>   Where: 'Futuresphere', Christ Church Grammar School
>          Queenslea Drive, Claremont


Is it possible to have events of plug published in an online (and 
accessible) calendars format?. I would love to have access to an ical 
file to point evolution to and it would save me having to enter in the 
info (or as more often is the case, scan my email and find that I have 
missed the event).

Michael Hunt

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