[plug] [OT] Companies in Perth that can flash BIOS chips

Harry harrymc at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Mon Aug 6 10:50:35 WST 2007

Denis Brown wrote:

> There's a company in Kensington / East Victoria Park (Worldwide
> Electronics?) in George Street that sells all manner of odd bits and
> bobs and I believe they also offer to flash BIOS chips.   Mike, I think
> the fellow's name is.

Yes, that is Mike Langan but he has closed that shop and now does mail order.
I'm sure he still has his programming setup but I'm not sure if he has a
face-to-face shop.

Perhaps telephone and ask first. 9307 7305 (from the web page)

All the best

ps Mike _is_ a nice bloke. A story I can tell is dropping into his store years
ago and he looked a bit cross. When I asked what was up he muttered:

"Weeeell. You spend all you time building up this great stock of parts and
people keep on coming in and BUYING IT ALL OFF YOU!!"

Damn frustrating game is commerce. Tickles me every time I remember it :-P

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