[plug] [OT] Companies in Perth that can flash BIOS chips

Dion tenzero at iinet.net.au
Mon Aug 6 13:37:30 WST 2007

Kev wrote:
> Judging by this, quoted from the above site, you might be in luck.
> "Worldwide Electronic Components also offer additional specialist 
> services including the reflashing of faulty
> Bios Chips and /or programming of Micro's such as Pic,Motorola and Atmel"
> Cheers
> Kev
Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on this problem.

I did contact Mike Langan of World Wide Electronic Components.
As other have said, he really is a nice guy and was able to help me.

He didn't have the flash chips, but he suggested I bring mine in and see 
if it could be reflashed.
I did and he reflashed it successfully for me and my machine is now able 
to boot up and  is currently running memtest.

Thanks again to everyone how offered advice and especially to Mike who 
got me up and running again.
I too highly recommend Mike if anyone else has dramas of this nature.


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