[plug] [OT] Companies in Perth that can flash BIOS chips

Richard Meyer meyerri at westnet.com.au
Mon Aug 6 14:46:06 WST 2007

On Mon, 2007-08-06 at 14:24 +0800, Paul Antoine wrote:
> Brad wrote:
> > On the topic of 'lectronicy things. If any of you are into 
> > microcontroller tinkering I highly recommend checking out the 
> > (relatively new) "Parallax Propeller".
> Looked at that briefly... it certainly has a strong following.
> In my recent microcontroller tinkering I settled on the PIC 18F2550/4450 
> series with USB capability.  I've now built my first USB peripheral :-)
> Been having lots of fun writing C for it too... and with the USB 
> bootloader my compile/flash/test cycle is about 15 seconds.  Beats the 
> hell out of erasing and reprogramming EPROMs from the bad ol' days!!!
> Oh, and for those of the "printf school of debugging", being able to 
> send status info up the USB to the PC to monitor the often whacky 
> outcomes of embedded bugs is fantastic! Again it beats blinking LEDs 
> etc. from the bad ol' days :-)
> Paul

<<Topic police alert>>

"Ullo, 'ullo, 'ullo, what's all this then? A whole stream of messages in
the main Plug list that don't even mention Linux? Right, come along with
me, then! You can't say you haven't been warned!"

And, surprisingly we all learned something from it, even though it
wasn't exactly on-topic.  
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