[plug][semi-OT] PCIe x1 SCSI RAID cards...are there any?

Fred Janon fjanon at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 10 08:56:40 WST 2007

Hi Ari,

Have you considered using the Linux software RAID capabitlities instead
of a hardware RAID? It's cheaper, available and probably easier to get
some support for it from the community.


--- sothisistheinternet <sothisistheinternet at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I need to source a PCIe x1 SCSI RAID card (preferably brand name).
> Adaptec has a PCIe SCSI card, but it's not a RAID card. We have one
> PCIX slot occupied by a SCSI card and we have three PCIe x1 slots to
> use, but finding a card for these has been surprisingly difficult.
> Linux support would be great, but at this point we'll do what we need
> to do with the servers after we determine if we can even get the
> required hardware to suit what we already have.
> TIA,
> Ari
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