[plug] A possible option for reaching more people...

Jeremy Malcolm Jeremy at Malcolm.id.au
Thu Aug 30 22:53:50 WST 2007

Patrick Coleman wrote:
>> As a way of reaching more people, would it be feasible to do a show on
>> channel 31 a few times a week? Anyone know what would be involved in
>> putting this together?
> Pretty cool idea, but I imagine it would be a fair bit of work putting
> together something, even just the PLUG seminars? I've never done
> anything like this, so correct me if I'm wrong here.
> Then again, if someone would like to do it as a project they are more
> than welcome to try.

It would be easier to be interviewed on one of Channel 31's existing 
shows.  They have a morning show called Wake Up Perth which accepts 
almost anyone who has a local project they want to publicise.

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