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Adrian Woodley Adrian at Diskworld.com.au
Mon Dec 3 10:32:01 WST 2007

There are some other benefits of working at iiNet. Not many of us can 
claim to have worked on Australia's largest ADSL2+ network, or managed 
the largest Ironport cluster in the Southern-hemisphere.

While these don't add to the immediate remuneration, they look pretty 
fantastic on a resume when applying for future positions.


Jonathan wrote:
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>> iiNet does *not* use recruiters, and all the recruiters in town know so: 
>> the recruiter in question was flat-out lying.
>> iiNet is convinced they are so good they don't have to pay well.  
>> Turnover is a natural consequence of this as anyone who has employed 
>> people is well aware.   Massages, fruit and free booze only go so far as 
>> eventually they all want big shiny plasma screens :-)
>> Seriously though, salaries in Perth are a good deal lower than the east 
>> coast, and Linux use here seems very low.  If you happen to be Cisco 
>> certified or have Oracle version-the-latest DBA experience then you'll 
>> have more luck, and much more luck if you happen to have "mining 
>> experience" (deity alone knows why that matters.)
>> Elsewhere UWA was mentioned - although some departments use Linux it is 
>> my understanding that the main IT dept. is an M$/Cisco shop.  I recently 
>> completed a small (but stunningly useful ;-) php application for a 
>> research organisation despite UWA IT's objections to all things free.  
>> Seems a degree is necessary for employment there but not any form of 
>> common sense regarding appropriate use of technology... sigh.
>> Not that Perth's IT/employment proclivities are getting me down at 
>> all... I suppose I must put it down to having spent too much time in 
>> Sydney and San Francisco :-P
>> Maybe I should form startup #7 and pay people just above iiNet's 
>> salaries sans the massages?  The fruit has to stay... ;-)
>> P.
> There are at least 3 recruiters advertising this job and it would seem funny that they would waste
> their advertising money knowing there was no return. I did see some of the communication (unless the
> lie was that elaborate ;)).
> I've always found iiNet's advertising of these "benefits" amusing, because they are so commonplace
> elsewhere (e.g. free massages in publishing houses 10 years ago). It's like a really cheap imitation
> of Google or something.
> Talking about the MS experience, it's something that I'll be working on improving in my next job,
> it's kind of like menial labouring for IT, at least you can turn up somewhere and get a job straight
> away while waiting for something more challenging that pays better.
> I do understand that the job market here is very small, especially at this time of year, so I'll
> probably wait until Jan/Feb.
> Jonathan
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