[plug] still trying to write to cdrom

Dem Nisbet dnisbet at webace.com.au
Mon Dec 3 23:19:27 WST 2007

Thanks Arie, that's a great idea. I don't have the drive but should
easily be able to get one. I've thought about free online storage, eg
just emailing myself at a hotmail address, but thought this wouldn't
work for everything, because it would be tedious putting it all there
one file at a time. With compression, this may improve, however. I will
probably do something like this for crucial files, then try the extra
hard disk, then try knoppix (this is called the ebtks approach, I'll let
you decode the acronym :) ).

Thanks for those suggestions Arie and Tomasz. I think the problem is
solved, although if anyone can think of something simpler and just as
certain, I'd still be interested. Otherwise, I'll leave it there, so
thanks to everyone for taking the time for a (relative) newbie.

best wishes,

On Mon, 2007-12-03 at 22:12 +0900, Arie Hol wrote:
> On 3 Dec 2007 at 21:09, Dem Nisbet wrote:
> > Hi to all,
> > Tomasz (or anyone) as I mentioned, I didn't want to face the risk of
> > losing data. I can't save to cd, hence I can't back up at the moment.
> > That's why I bought a flash disk, just so I could back up, then 
> upgrade,
> > but somehow I can't use that. It has been my plan to upgrade for quite
> > some time. But if there is any risk whatsoever of losing data, I'd 
> rather
> 8<----------- snip ------------>8
> Have you considered uploading your data to an online storage area, there 
> are some free ones around.
> Remember to tarball and compress all of your data before you upload it.
> Then upgrade your system, then download your data again.
> Another sugestion :
> Add an extra hard drive to you system, partition it and backup all of 
> your data to this hardrive - then remove the hard drive and upgrade your 
> system.
> How much data do you need to backup ???
> If you haven't got a spare hard drive - let me know how much space you 
> will need - I could probably lend you a spare drive to help you out.
> Regards Arie
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