[plug] No more seagate for me...

Craig Foster Craig at fostware.net
Wed Dec 12 12:30:20 WST 2007

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> Craig Foster wrote:
> > whingefest has been going on for almost a week now) when forwarding
> > articles with reactionary subject lines...
> Blame the current web funding model. Reactionary subject lines get
> click-throughs, ie money.
> Was that fuss over WD mostly a beat up? As far as I can tell, the
> drives run Linux and Samba, are totally hackable - ie no DRM.
>    The limitation is in their silly "WD Anywhere Access" software,
> which linux users wouldn't want anyway.
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Yep, connect via SAMBA to the WD and everythings OK, but "WD hates
linux" gets more clicks :S

The Anywhere Access allows use via the internet, so I can understand the
stance from WD - we don't allow sharing AVI/MP3 etc over the internet by
more than one person at a time.....

Ditto for the simple workaround for the Seagates - lol.

Craig F.

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