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Leon Brooks leon-plug at cyberknights.com.au
Sun Dec 16 19:42:59 WST 2007

On Sun, 16 Dec 2007, Garry wrote:
>> I'm officially a Disabled Pensioner

> I know that one well. I'm trying to get myself
> out of being a DSPer... Have scored my first
> paying work in 10 years recently, and hoping to
> build it up to full time as the work becomes
> available. 

Hmmm. That's a bit more complex for me, while at face
value appearing simpler. I could probably whomp up
a whole mess of work in a hurry, but that's pointless
if it's not _sustainable_.

In fact, my ICWA case is still in the air (although
coming in to land with unusual speed) so if I put out
that effort _now_ & the work collapses _later_, I'll
be assessed on what I'm _attempting_ to do, but have
to live with what _actually_ happens, which is a bit
like paying provisional tax before getting any income.

That's a fairly obvious complication, some of the
others are subtler. Anyone who _likes_ going insane
is welcome to ask AlexP about some of the curly
insanity in tax law, then reflect on its relative
stability & sensibility WRT insurance law. On top
of this, I face what you might call social issues
which can really, _really_ grind one down.

Y'all who have a straightforward PAYG situation can
relax in the relative _security_ of your arrangement.
Boring, in this case, can be excellent.

> Make sure you look into all the discounts like water,
> telstra, banking, car licence etc that are available
> to you.. 

In Tas, that turned into a 48c/day power rebate also.
Which at 15.something c/kWh turned into roughly $50 per
quarterly billing period.

BTW, nobody's mentioned a Dec PLUG meeting?

Cheers; Leon

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