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Arie Hol arie99 at ozemail.com.au
Mon Dec 17 15:51:46 WST 2007

On 17 Dec 2007 at 13:59, Leon Brooks wrote:

> On Mon, 17 Dec 2007, Patrick Coleman wrote:
> > If you mean train stations, Claremont is the closest -
> > probably 200m north of the school. Address is
> > Queenslea Drive, Claremont. 
> Hmmm... yes, I had the wrong school in mind:

To get to a PLUG seminar from train station.


Exit south side of railway station at Claremont.

Cross over Gugeri st.

Go down Leura Avenue to Stirling Highway.

(290 metres so far)

Turn right, go west (500 metres) along Stirling Highway.

Turn left into Queenslea Drive.

Entrance is approx (150 metres) half way down Queenslea drive.

Total distance approx 940 metres according to my UBD on disk.

If you get off the train at Swanbourne you will have walk approx 120 
metres extra and the streets are not as well lit as going via Leura Ave 
and Stirling H'way


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