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Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Tue Dec 18 14:29:43 WST 2007

When people talk of the so-called lack of penetration of desktop Linux 
I'd like them to remember just how far Linux and FOSS have come.

For those who don't remember the switch from vendor-specific proprietary 
OS's to Unix I would point out that it took some 14+ years after Unix 
was written for it to begin to be considered a "serious" server 
platform.  Software changes fast, but IT departments do not ;-)

I remember wanting to use Linux as the basis for IT products back in 
1994/1995 at which point people thought I was crazy... now a consumer PC 
with broad distribution and strong marketing relies on Linux!

2008 will be a great year yet for FOSS I suspect,

Garry wrote:
> Saw the Linux powered Eee in today's West Australian..
> In a Myer advertisement.. $499..
> 8^)
> Garry
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