[plug] [long email] Dwellingup fires - a personal perspective

Jim Householder nofixed at westnet.com.au
Mon Feb 12 20:07:03 WST 2007


Good to hear you made it through OK.  You are not the first I've heard 
of recently that depended on electric pumps and had the power fail.

I lived on 5ha northeast of Perth for several years.  We had a 27kl 
above-ground pool that we actually used occasionally.  Mainly we kept it 
for firefighting.  I connected a petrol pump to it and enough hose to 
reach more than half way around the house.  Primed and ready 24/7.  Best 
use I know of for a pool!


Gavin Chester wrote:
> _______________________________
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> Distributed to family, friends and selected recipients.
> G'day all,

> Thanks for reading.  I'm glad we're all here in one piece to settle back
> into our routines and carry on like before.  On behalf of us all, I want
> to thank those that were anxious for our welfare and reassure you that
> now we are slowly getting back to 'normality'.               

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