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"IBM looks to Apple, Linux
Eric Auchard and Michael Kahn in San Francisco
 FEBRUARY 13, 2007     IBM will offer an open desktop software system for
businesses that puts the cost of managing Apple or Linux computers on a more
equal footing with Microsoft's Windows software, improving the economics of
Windows alternatives.

 The product - which the company calls its "Open Client Offering" - pulls
together software IBM has developed in-house and with partners Novell and
Red Hat to answer questions over the cost-effectiveness of managing Linux or
Apple desktop PCs alongside Windows PCs.

IBM said the new software made it feasible for big businesses to offer their
employees a choice of running Windows, Linux or Apple Macintosh software on
desktop PCs, using the same underlying software code. This cut the costs of
managing Linux or Apple relative to Windows.

IBM's Open Client software chips away at long-time rival Microsoft's Windows
franchise by making it unnecessary for companies to pay Microsoft for
licences for operations that no longer rely on Windows-based software. The
move comes as corporate decision-makers have begun to mull when it makes
sense to upgrade to Microsoft's Windows Vista.

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