[plug] Linux hardware installation gets easy

Richard Meyer meyerri at westnet.com.au
Sun Feb 18 20:56:41 WST 2007

Hi all,

Within the last week I have added two new chunks of hardware to my Linux
machines. The first piece was a SB 5.1 PCI card. After rebooting, where
I set the BIOS to disregard the onboard sound card, it took about 3
mouse clicks to tell it all it needed to know about the new sound card -
admittedly the only way I could find to get Amarok to and the KDE volume
control to see the new card was to reboot, but it works well since then.

With the other, I was given a HP 6300C scanner, which I plugged in and
SUSE asked me what driver to use (it had already selected the correct
one, anyway). I was scanning within 3 minutes. 

I really can't complain about the level of hardware awareness. This is
good stuff.

I'm sure other Linux distros could do as well.

Considering that I needed to load drivers off CD for XP for the SB card,
but I didn't have to reboot, it's pretty much of a muchness.

And some people say "Linux is too hard".
Richard Meyer <meyerri at westnet.com.au>
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