[plug] what command does the same thing as robocopy /mir?

Hendrik Strydom hns1 at iinet.net.au
Wed Feb 21 06:14:08 WST 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 02:50 +0900, sothisistheinternet wrote:
> Hi all,
> If I have a drive that I want to synchronise onto a usb hard drive
> then, under windows, I use robocopy /mir. I now have the same
> situation under linux...so what's the equivalent command?

rsync is good with jobs like this.
Generally a command like
rsync -avg /source /target will quickly sync source and target.
Depending on what you want there are many other options, so you
definitely need to review the man page.  For backups (i..e multiple
copies of changed files) look at something like rsync-backup.
There are likely many other similar products as well.

> TIA,
> Ari
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