[plug] First Post for the year! Woot!!

Timothy White weirdit at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 00:33:54 WST 2007

Time to drag it up again... Same thing I said last year.

We would love to drop the moderator queue on the main plug list, so
that it lightens the load for moderators. I would like to thank Mark
and Patrick for putting their hands up to start taking up some of that
load while I'm in Brisbane.

Having a quick read back in the Archives, it seemed that while in
general no one had a problem with just dropping messages from
non-subscribed members to the list, it was a asked if it would be
possible to reject rather than drop.
So following that up (a year later), if anyone has any ideas for doing
this at SMTP time (remembering Mailman is the backbone behind this
mailing list), then please let me know, otherwise I think it's back to
just relying on DSPAM, and our lovely moderators!

Throw your opinions and ideas at me, you only really got 2 more weeks
to do that! :-P

See most of you Wednesday!


On 1/1/07, Tim <weirdit at gmail.com> wrote:
> Happy New Year all you PLUGers!
> Now go back to your partys!

p.s. Why was this email late? One of the admins (not pointing, cause
then I have to point at myself), updated the timezone files, and
didn't even restart syslog, let alone cron!!! :-P
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