[plug] WHY SKYPE ?

B15HOP bishop.frog at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 08:18:52 WST 2007

On 22/11/06, Brad Campbell <brad at wasp.net.au> wrote:
> Up until very recently it was the only VOIP that worked in a country that actively chases down and
> blocks VOIP.
> Having said that, Skype on linux is a complete dogs breakfast. It either works perfectly or hardly
> works at all..

My problem is a sound card issue. The Audigy simply refuses to record
anything from the mic port. Regardless of the fact that I can hear it
back through the speakers.

The program arecord picks nothing up. Alsa Volume settings checked a
zillion times, tabbed through and checked Capture as well as Playback.
Still no resolve. My guess is that a new version of alsa will fix

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