[plug] Make The Move website launched!

Harry harrymc at decisions-and-designs.com.au
Fri Jan 5 14:08:39 WST 2007

Denis Brown wrote:

> Well done to Chris and MattV.
> Couple of comments in a constructive spirit, if I may...
> 1. In the "Why should I Move?" section's "compatibility" subsection I
> would be cautious about saying that Linux "runs on anything ..[even
> the].. old ones that you were going to throw away."    While few people
> these days would have 386 machines running Win9x with 64MB RAM, the
> experience of moving from that configuration - which does function with
> acceptable speed - to the same hardware running anything other than
> Computer Angels' distro is likely to lead to disappointment.

I'd suggest that any modern Linux using a GUI will struggle on a 386.

For Computer Angels we set a minimum of PII 400MHz with 64MB RAM and
expect OpenOffice.org to be responsive once it is running but slow to load.

We build systems with 128MB RAM as standard and they are generally a
minimum 600MHz PIII these days.

Pehaps the "old ones that you were going to throw away." means a much
higher spec than the ones that a PLUGer might (reluctantly) throw away ;-)


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