[plug] kvm - VT vs SVM - speed, stability, reliability, performance with multiple vm's and bang for buck?

Vegan CaffeineAddict vegancaffeineaddict at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 12:44:59 WST 2007

Hello Plug,
To paraphrase Linux Format Mag Oct 2006 report on their tests
average speed of the Intel chip running a Xen  43.7% of native, VMWare
45.5%of native,  AMD
63.6% for Xen and 73% for VMWare.  Later ~ while VT and SVM solve the same
problem they work quite differently:  AMD64 chips have an integrated memory
controller, whereas the Intel chip keeps this on the north bridge. In
practice, this means the Intel chips have to virtualise the memory
controller in software, whereas AMD can do this in hardware, making the
potential for a virtualization speed boost even greater.
I wonder if despite what reads to be an apparent hardware architecture
advantage to AMD when it comes to virtualization - is the choice as straight
forward as that when it comes to bang for buck and long term actual use ...
speed, stability, reliability, performance with multiple vm's?

Can anyone shed any light?

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