[plug] No PLUG talk this month

Daniel Pearson (Flashware Solutions) daniel at flashware.net
Sun Jan 7 19:19:48 WST 2007


Will no doubt see you there then :)

How are you getting there? Haven't seen your info on:

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Alastair Irvine wrote:
> Hi, All.  Your friendly neighbourhood PLUG talks co-ordinator here.
> Since I'm heading off to LCA this Thursday, I won't be organising a 
> regular monthly PLUG technical event for January.  However, I'll 
> try to put together a review of LCA and present it early February 
> (perhaps the second Wednesday).
> I encourage everyone to start new threads related to LCA; just 
> remember to post to plug at plug.org.au -- don't reply to this 
> message.
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