[plug] Find similarly named files in directories

Timothy White weirdit at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 22:21:23 WST 2007

On 1/12/07, Lyndon Maydwell <maydwell at gmail.com> wrote:
> Standard unix tools piped together always make for really short
> solutions. Excellent script.

I just hadn't expected to be able to get such a short script! I had
originally thought of doing the find, storing it, running "basename"
over it, sort, and uniq, then doing a fgrep to find all files that are
matched or something. Of course, it would have been overly complex,
and extra work. Then I had the idea of how to sort and uniq it all at
once, and the only thing left was to add the "hash" in before the sort
and uniq, then remove it at the end. :-D

Hope it does the job for you!

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