[plug] Creating multiple-page PDFs from scanned images [SOLVED]

Alex Nordstrom lx at se.linux.org
Thu Jan 18 19:16:59 WST 2007

Thursday, 18 January 2007 18:13, Gavin Chester wrote:
> I hate to sound like I'm 'raining on your parade', but I did just
> this sort of operation again today in a way that I find far easier
> than you describe.  I thought I had given my solution to this problem
> the first time you posted, but I'm too lazy/busy to verify that in
> the archives. Anyway, you may prefer your solution to the one I
> proffered ;-)
> ...
> I'm sure I wrote all this the first time you posted, so maybe you
> just don't like the sound of that solution ;-)

Yes, it helped me get in the right direction (so thank you and everyone 
else who replied), but I find this suits my needs slightly better. I 
just felt like it was easier to adjust the size and quality of the 
output with convert than with Ghostscript, and I can issue a single 
command and scan multiple multi-page documents in one go.

Once again, though, thanks (meant to say it in my previous post as 

Alex Nordstrom
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