[plug] Finding a possible trojan/exploit?

Steve Baker steve at iinet.net.au
Sat Jan 20 11:35:29 WST 2007

Craig Foster wrote:

>>Chkrootkit and rkhunter say everything is clean.  I'm planning on
>>attaching a sniffer with nessus and wireshark (aka ethereal) next week
>>to hopefully give some more clues but I need to find/build a box to do
>>that first.
>What does clamdscan say?
>Clam finds quite a few linux Trojans and exploits, and a weekly scan of
>servers is always recommended...
>Craig F.
Clam didn't find anything, however I'm running Ubuntu which only has 
clamav 0.88.4 instead of the latest 0.88.7 - I don't know how big a 
difference this would make.  It does have the latest pattern database.

I'll try to build the latest ClamAV from source and see if that helps 
find anything.


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