[plug] multiple web clients accessing a single site via proxy

Sol Hanna sol.hanna at three.com.au
Wed Jan 24 12:36:58 WST 2007

On Tuesday 23 January 2007 23:52, Craig Foster wrote:
> DETWA will only allow one machine to connect upstream to their proxy, so
> you should have a local proxy at the school as well.
I'm at Willetton and last year everything was subcontracted to one guy who 
acts as admin. He's a real nice guy, but seems totally green to Linux. So my 
guess is no Squid proxy here yet.
> One of the suppliers (TFX) install a linux box called 'Cerberus' using
> squid and last time I looked, squidgard. Squid is quite handy as it can
> be made to rewrite certain requests, use never locally cache others, and
> so on.
> Another option in Squid is to turn on X-ForwardedFor which may give
> individual users a separate (local 10.x.x.x) IP in their cookies.
Thankyou. :)
> I know what you may need to go though, getting a straight answer from
> DETWA or 'Silver City' can be detrimental to your hairline :P You're not
> part of 100-Schools though, are you? *That* could be an issue...
Yes, we're part of the "100 Schools" system. I'm not quite sure what the 
consequences of that means. So far as I know it's going to see most admin 
centralized through Silver City. If it means more rules and less access I 
might do my lolly. Already we're so far behind the ICT reality of most 
workplaces and what kids themselves (nearly all of my students have internet 
access at home) experience nearly every day outside of school. It's a real 
struggle to make learning experiences relevant. :(


Sol Hanna
sol.hanna at three.com.au

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