[plug] AGM Minutes and commitee

Daniel J. Axtens danielax at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 19:52:47 WST 2007

 > How did the AGM go?
> Whats the new committee look like?
Well, that's a good quesiton. At the AGM, we decided to appoint the
OCMs on list, so at the moment, the only decided thing is the
executive part of the committee.

In short:
    Pres: Ian Kent
    VP: Patrick Coleman
    Treas: Mark Gaynor
    Secretary: Daniel Axtens

If you want more details they're up on the website... as of now... :)

So, if you want to nominate for committee, or you want to nominate
someone else for committee, please go ahead and nominate on-list.
Officially, there are 2 OCM positions to be filled, unless anyone
moves to increase the committee.


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