[plug] Using ASUS onboard SATA RAID with CentOS (for Trixbox/Asterisk)

Daniel Foote freefoote at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 08:32:24 WST 2007


>  In case there was too much detail in that last email, I am basically
> asking:
>  If your SATA drives do not detect, whether on a RAID controller or regular
> SATA controller
>  and assuming you know they do work (i.e. it's not hardware) what does it
> normally take to get
>  Linux (CentOS if possible) to pick them up as a target for a fresh
> installation.

Does the BIOS have an option to make the SATA drive appear as an
ordinary IDE PATA drive? If so, set that and then do the installation.
You may find that the installer Kernel can't use the SATA, but the
installed kernel can.

I did this about 9 months ago to install Etch on someones laptop with SATA.

Hope this helps!

Daniel Foote.

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