[plug] mounting mobile phone filesystem - update

Michael Holland myk at myk.id.au
Mon Jun 4 16:18:11 WST 2007

On Mon, 4 Jun 2007, Gavin Chester wrote:

> So, cheap generic usb bluetooth dongle for my laptop it is, then? What


> would I expect to be able to do with it besides download/upload photos,
> videos, voice ;-) Myself, I was really just wanting some basic phone
> stuff like backing up contacts, etc.

See plug archives re Sync-ML problems, but a simple 1-way contact backup
should be fine. And if you are lucky, "Dial Up Networking" for GPRS etc
access to internet. You could use your PC as a 'headset', or even connect
your own Asterisk PBX.
  Sony-Ericsson phones can be used as a BT remote control for your PC,
acting as mouse and keyboard. Useful for a Home-Theatre PC.
  You can browse to see which profiles are supported by your phone.


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