[plug] Linux and Microsoft and deals

Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Sat Jun 16 17:00:33 WST 2007

Arie Hol wrote:

> Hey Kai,
> Peace and goodwill to you.
> I hope you're not one of those student pilots who "buzzes" over our house 
> and wakes me up before lunch time................
> I live right near Jandakot airport, and I am often concerned by low 
> flying, noisy aircraft that seem to be flying too low, (too close for 
> comfort).
> Last year we had one crash in a front yard, just two streets from my 
> house - he had just flown over our house when his engine coughed, 
> spluttered and died. His plane then displayed the aviational 
> characteristics of a brick and landed in somebody's front yard - just 
> missing a carport and the car in it.
> Fly like an angel, not with an angel.
> Take care and good flying.
> Regards Arie

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