[plug] File Conversions

Daniel Foote freefoote at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 11:46:51 WST 2007

> I've recently being trying to run a "pure" Ubuntu environment without
> installing KDE, but I come across a problem.
> Even though Open Office can read so many esoteric file formats it can't
> read KWord documents, does anyone know of a converter, without me having
> to break the purity of my Ubuntu installation and installing KDE and
> KOffice and doing a copy and paste into open Office?

If Ubuntu's packaging of koffice is anything like Debians (which I
understand it is), you can just install the koffice package, which
pulls in only the core kde libs required to make it work.

I know that by using aptitude if I install koffice, use it, and then
select koffice for uninstallation, aptitude will correctly unmark all
the dependancies that it had to pull in to make it work. I can't speak
for whatever package manager Ubuntu uses by default, though.

Doesn't nessecarily solve your problem in the way you asked, but it
might help...

Daniel Foote.

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