[plug] broadband monitoring?

Rob Dunne rob.dunne at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 06:59:02 WST 2007

Hi List,

Lyndon Maydwell wrote:
 > nettop is pretty nice

I couldn't get this to compile
 >gcc  -I . -I   -g -O2  -DVERSION=\"0.2.3\" -c nettop.c
 >nettop.c: In function ‘main’:
 >nettop.c:219: error: invalid lvalue in assignment

but while looking for an answer to this I found jnettop

which seems do the same thing. It can apparently interrogate the
net traffic in a large number of ways (by setting rules) and
store the results to a log file (haven't discovered how yet).

Ben Woods wrote:
> I find netspeed to be very good for this scenario.
its a gnome applet. I am running KDE and couldn't understand the
instructions to start it. Perhaps I cant on my system.

Also, I don't see anything on its home page about logging the volume of 
traffic from each site. I might give up on this one.

Thanks for the help

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