[plug] broadband monitoring?

Rob Dunne rob.dunne at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 16:22:54 WST 2007

Hi Gavin,

Gavin Chester wrote:

> Warning: CLI warriors avert your eyes, this is GUI talk ;-) gkrellm is
> great IMHO. I always end up having it running in the background on any
> system I install. If you have it running, right-click on its title bar
> area and it will bring up the option to configure. You can then turn on
> and off each little box of info in the vertical stack. Eg, under network
> you can turn on any interfaces that suit to see a real-time graph of
> activity. If you then hover your mouse over the lower right area of that
> box (for eth0, say) a little button appears. Click this and the traffic
> stats pop up in a separate window. I haven't looked into whether you can
> export it as text.  

thanks, yes that all worked. But I still don't see where I can find 
where the traffic is going i.e. jnettop tells me that I now have packets 
coming from

I need to know the source/destination of the traffic to find out what is 
going on.

> I didn't mention "wireshark" before, but this is a great GUI network
> packet sniffer/recorder. Used to be called ethereal. You can do a live
> capture and have name resolution done as well, in real-time. Haven't
> checked whether it also offers byte logging, but it will tell you where
> the traffic is going/coming. You can save the packet capture as a file
> for later viewing. 

yes -- thats the sort of thing I need, but running in the background all 
the time and not recording quite so much information.
I just think I will make a practice of running jnettop in the background 
for a few days and see if I get any other large traffic events.


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