[plug] Virtual PC 2007 vs VMWare

Josh Fletcher joshyf at nerdsarefordorks.net
Fri Mar 2 20:30:21 WST 2007

To all the Pluggers,

I love playing with Linux, but would much prefer to have it as a virtual
server instead of dual-boot, as I need Windows for work.

I have played with Virtual PC 07, and tried Debian 3.1, Fedora Core 6,
Ubuntu 6.10 and Gentoo 2006.1. All of them have had many problems during
install, to the extent that I really can't be bothered.

My question is twofold -

1) Has anyone got any hints for getting Linux distros to work with Virtual
PC 2007? and
2) Should I just switch to VMWare, and is support a lot better for Linux
with VMWare?

Thanks in advance,

Josh Fletcher
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